Goodbye BOS!

Dear Fans:

Wow. you still recall us. Brings a tear to Tommy and Bunny’s eye (Captain, you do cry right?). ANYWAY!

2018 we were dealt a soft blow from our ‘home’ bar, The Crown when they canceled our holiday show. As a trio, we were hemorrhaging for time to maintain BOS’ calendar of events while powering through life milestones/goals. 2019 started with new education commitments, home sales, and liberal passport use by the Captain (No, we are not seething. She got banned back to the States, the pirate).  The brief events our lovely cast members took the time to do were at the behest of Bunny and Tapiha Kix.

No one was expecting 2020. (Well, maybe the Captain. She WAS country-hopping at the time.) Our last show was in support of FORCE.  While the show was a success, (we raised $1000!), our ticket vendor filed a chapter 13. The slow to abrupt availability of fringe/buy-in products that permitted Bunns of Steele to thrive on our collective bar tab funds met untimely COVID deaths.

With the safety measures required (Tommy is not playing, he misses naps like any nurse.), Bunns of Steele can not reunite at the Crown or another establishment anymore. Our surviving members and reoccurring cast are doing the following: