Bunny Vicious


A month before her first show at the Red Palace in February 2011 found her stage name reversed on the promo poster. “They’ll learn.”

After five years in the Baltimore burlesque scene, Bunny Vishus is keeping her promise.

A member of Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret, Bunny has been performing burlesque since 2011 and has entertained audiences from Baltimore, Hollywood to Negril, Jamaica. In 2013, she began familiarizing guests with their glutes through her twerk classes. A spike in awards and rewards came in 2014:

  • Miss Cheesecake (Pin Up Perfection),
  • Master of Assels (DC Burlypics),
  • The Big Deal of the Day (Let’s Make A Deal, LA, CA)
  • Most Dominant (Caribbean Burlesque Festival), and
  • Queen of Crabs (Baltimore Beauty Pageant).

You can catch Bunny being magical across the tri-state region.