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Captain Motorboat

The “Q” to BOS Burlesque is none other than Captain Motorboat, a communications strategist with a passion for communication, art, and design. A lover of corsets and singing, our jack of the communication trade helps keep BOS online and in style with our kick-ass flyers/programs. You can hear her pick apart sex on our ... More

Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn has been on the Baltimore performance circuit for years. You may recognize him as the one & only Cosmic Cowboy, Twiggy Stardust the Fairy Fairy Extraordinary.  He enjoys long walks on the beach, blood & gore, making conservatives feel uncomfortable, & bringing joy & love to the hearts of people ... More

Bunny Vicious

A month before her first show at the Red Palace in February 2011 found her stage name reversed on the promo poster. “They’ll learn.” After five years in the Baltimore burlesque scene, Bunny Vishus is keeping her promise. A member of Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret, Bunny has been performing burlesque since ... More