A History

Our flagship show, Burleoke is was developed by Bunny and former member, Twiggy in 2011 as  a game show centered around karaoke and burlesque. Growing out of its first space at the now defunct Sports Bar, Burleoke moved to The Brass Monkey in 2013 until collective marital engagements put Burleoke on a two-year hiatus from 2015 through 2016.

Summer of 2015, Bunns of Steele took their first steps in a major production with a Bjork tribute show held at Single Carrot Theater. On the heels of this success, Bunns of Steele began looking for a new “home” for Burleoke in 2016 while dabbling in other events like their Pastie Party at Flavor and their burlesque inspired shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Ottobar.


Starting in 2017, BOS launched its first full year of shows since the closure of Brass Monkey. In the Black Bar of The Crown, Burleoke returned to Station North’s entertainment calendar on a bi monthly schedule.

And we look forward to being bigger and better in 2018.

This show is broken up into four rounds, requires the help of five singers and four dancers.

If you want to be a singer, please fill out this form here.

Care to perform the ultimate improv striptease, email Bunny.